Foss Doll is well known for their professionalism and both national and international experienced band members constisting of young dynamic musicians. Foss Doll has been performing since 2005 together on stage, making these talented musicians very much in sync with one another.

Foss Doll, originally formed by the cousins and bandleaders Matt and Tom, started to gain experiences performing steady live music events in various clubs in Velbert/Germany. Since then, the five charming and skillful musicians have built up a reputation, driven their extraorinary passion for music and the incessant desire to be on stage to inspire people.

True to the motto: "The eye listens" Foss Doll focalizes not only on a high claim of sound and quality but especially on a stylish, alluring and brilliant performance!

By the way, the name "Foss Doll" was formed by a funny slip of a friend. With having little to no music theory background, he wanted the band to play a son in the key of "Foss Doll" but what he really meant to say was F-Dur or fis-moll (which stands for F-Major or f-minor in germna)... You can already imagine what a memorable moment this was for the band!

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